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Most media companies are not huge conglomerates like Omnicom or Grey Global Group. They are small to mid-size creative companies. But whether big or small they all share one thing in common, reliance on electronic preparation and transfer of data by computer. But small companies don't always have the luxury of in house IT personnel.
Do you hear these questions from your employees: Why can't I connect to the Internet? Why can't I see that Mac file on my PC? Why didn't my fonts print on my poster like they did on my inkjet proof? Why can't I save my files to the hard drive? Why can't I send this file to my customer via e-mail? The questions always contain "can't" and the list is endless.
Pixel IT specializes in computer configuration, maintenance, connectivity and workflow solutions for small companies. Our personnel have been working in the industry, hands-on, since the beginning of electronic publishing. We understand operating systems; servers; file, font and image format issues; common networking and connectivity problems; and general workflow issues that plague small companies.
We offer reasonable rates for individual service visits or technical consultation, or quarterly service contracts if you need continuous service and want to budget.

We support:
  • PC's running Microsoft Windows from 98 through Windows 7
  • Macintosh OSX through Snow Leopard and OS9
  • servers running Windows NT Server through Windows 2008 server
  • standard desktop applications
  • unified communications
  • malware detection & remediation
  • e-mail and messaging
  • workflow problems
  • networking and internet connectivity

    Call for a consultation or information. We would be happy to quote on your computer needs.