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Sending files for output

Most documents to be output include the document(s) itself and a number of support files that need to be sent to the printer or service bureau. These support files include vector graphics, images, pdfs, fonts and logos. Any of these files that were used to create the original document must be sent for proper output.

File preparation general tips.
1. Create a new folder for your documents and support files.
2. Place a copy of these items in the new folder.
3. Open the copy of your document and re-link the images and fonts. This will ensure that everything needed for output is present.
4. Stuff and bin-hex or zip the new folder.
5. Send via e-mail if the resulting compressed file is 5 mb or less, send via ftp or burn a cd/dvd and ship if the file is larger than 5 mb.

Quark Xpress or Indesign
Use Collect for Output (QuarkXpress) or Package (Adobe InDesign) to prep files for
transport to the printer or service bureau. The utilites will collect the needed support files into a folder which can be compressed for transport.

Remember that fonts are considered software and are licensed, not purchased. The license (called an End User License Agreement or EULA) details how the font may be used. The following are general rules for submitting documents that contain fonts for output. Consult your specific EULA or speak to a representative at the font foundry for specific details of your agreement.

Pixel Graphics has a large library of fonts for Mac or PC and supports client's original documents. If you have a document for output, we can work with the original document, including making revisions when necessary or we support output via pdf. We can also edit or revise pdfs. Call us for details!