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Since the dawn of Desktop Publishing companies have tried to take the burden of typesetting, page layout, design and forms creation in house. Secretaries and administrative aids, armed with word processors, attempt to produce brochures, forms, posters, and advertising materials in an attempt to "save money".
All too often the result: total frustration as office personnel struggle to create important documentation or advertising using software they don't understand, wasting time and money through the print process by creating files that must be fixed before printing, missing deadlines, and in the end, a shoddy printed product that has your companies name on it.
You wouldn't take your car to the dentist to have it fixed and you wouldn't allow your auto mechanic to perform surgery on a family member. Why ask one of your employees, who doesn't have the training, to create your printed or electronic materials?
At Pixel Graphics, we specialize in print and media production services. We are experts in page layout and makeup, forms design and production, data capture and repurposing. We understand file formats, print requirements, type and image requirements, production software, repurposing data for electronic and print needs, deadlines and can pull the whole project together, understanding throughout, the final production requirements.

We create and prepare files for:
  • print, both traditional and short run digital
  • cd production and replication
  • internet
  • large format posters
  • data forms printing
  • electronic forms

    We offer the following services:
  • page layout and makeup
  • barcodes
  • typesetting
  • digital proofing
  • ocr scanning and document conversion
  • image correction and manipulation
  • data and image conversion
  • data forms layout and production
  • electronic file preparation
  • electronic forms production

    Supported programs and file formats:
    Quark Express, Adobe Acrobat, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, Coldfusion, Pagemaker, Corel Draw, CAD, Microsoft Publisher, word processing programs as well as all image and file formats along with all compression schemes on both the Mac and PC.