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Image Enhancement & Color Correction

Accurate image color and proper resolution can make or break a final printed piece. Your audience takes
it for granted that the images they are looking at are accurate interpretations of what is being represented. It takes an experienced color specialist to capture the subtleties of your original and reproduce them accurately for final output.
At Pixel Graphics we have the expertise that ensures your final image is what you expected. Our combined 40 years of expertise in the graphics industry has a strong production base of experience with conventional image assembly, B&W and color reproductions assembly, high end scanning, color correction and retouching. Our trained 'eye-for-color' specialists will evaluate your image and ensure color, resolution, image format are correct for each image, providing you with the most exciting, reliable, eye-catching color possible.
Our accurate color correction and retouching services take the guesswork out of your print project. You no longer have to wonder how the image will print. You will know.
We provide quick and easy access to download your completed images through our secure FTP site. Completed images may also be supplied on DVD or CD when requested.
We can correct and enhance images of any size or format. If you have originals without electronic files, Pixel Graphics can scan the original, then color correct and/or retouch as needed.

Our image enhancement options include:
  • Color correction: we correct the color of your digital photographs or scans to match the original.
  • Product match: we correct the color of an item improperly represented by the original format. Critical color correction to match an original item.
  • Retouching: from removal of minor blemishes or restoring a damaged original to completely changing the content of an original or anything in between. We can turn the original you have into the final art that you need. Retouching services are always quoted.
  • Conversion and enhancement: images can have resolution increased for size and output changes, format changed to suit your software requirements or downsampled and optimized for your website. We handle all image formats on any computer platform!
  • Quantity discounts given
  • All image formats available (MAC or PC)
  • Finished image files are uploaded to an ftp site or e-mailed. Images can be burned to DVD or CD and shipped at additional cost.

    For a quote on your next prepress project, please give us a call at 732.928.5485.